Friday, April 30, 2010

The things kids say...

Because I'm in love with these pics of my babes in the flowers...

Always popular among my Facebook friends, I'm going to share some random things that have been overheard in my house in recent months. Enjoy.

"Get your foot out of my pants."

"No, you may not sit on the stove."

"Tell her that your mom says you're not allowed to sit by people who cough on you."

"Your pants are on upside down."

"Why are you wearing a shoe on your head?"

Emily: "I want to learn French so that if we ever go to 'French' I can speak the language. OR if we go to London."

"Take that spoon out of your ear."

"There will be no more ninja-ing Mommy."

"Caroline, how did you get lipstick on your face?"

"Other people's hairbows are not your business."

"We do not drink bathwater. Gross."

Emily: "Mom!!! When I yawn it feels like someone put Germ-X in my ear."

Upon hearing that she had yet another snow day, Emily told Caroline, "I don't have to go to school today, so you don't have to miss me!"

Emily: "There's a girl in Mrs. E.'s class named Miracle. But that's weird, because she looks like a Jenny to me."

Emily: "I put a FG on this so I'll know I made it in first grade."

"That is a pair of pants, not a jacket."

One morning we were getting ready to leave the house, and I wasn't moving fast enough for Caroline, who told me, "Chop chop!!"

Emily was eating Nerds candy one day and having trouble getting them out of the box. She held the box up to her eye, peered inside, and said, "Hey Nerds, come outta there with your hands up!"

And my recent favorite: Caroline (barely 2) was eating a Dum-Dum lollipop. She suddenly exclaimed, "Circle!!!" and showed me that her lollipop was, indeed, a circle. I was impressed. She showed Emily, who said - with the kind of "duuuuh" tone only a 7 year old can muster - "That's not a circle, Caroline, that's a SPHERE."

Emily has a circle on her head. It's not a sphere.

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